3 days training.  (All originals at Head Office)

Ray Luckner

Well after landing in chilly Adelaide from a pretty short flight from paradise (Townsville) I was meet at the airport right on time with a warm and heartfelt welcome from Chris (the big boss) nothing pretentious about him, jeans, boots and a checkered shirt and a big smile. I felt right at ease straight away. 

Just a little thing but very helpful was how well the logistics were organised. By that I mean all my airline tickets were booked, I was picked up and dropped back to the airport and every day of training collected and returned to the motel, I didn’t have to worry about organising anything. 

The three days of training was exceptionally well organised with assistance from Charlie ( a long time Spray Pave man) and 2 other Spray Pave guys who were masters in a particular field i.e. acid staining, epoxy and such. 

I know it’s hard to believe that you can get all you need out of 3 days but the way it is structured in Practical and Theory you actually do get all you need to go out there and start your own business, by the way don’t wear your good shoes as you actually go through the whole process of Spray Paving from start to finish. I actually think if the course was any longer it would be information overload and it follows the KISS principle (keep it simple stupid)  

Besides the practical part of the course you will also learn about advertising, quoting, record keeping, products and contract completion basically all you need to hit the road running when you return home, and if you think it’s all too much to jam in, don’t panic, as you receive the “Bible” when you complete the course, it’s basically a manual of “How to” such as Application of the product, your administration, regulations and plenty of helpful hints. 

This course gives you all the tools you need to be successful; the rest is up to you. 

                                  STOP THINKING ABOUT IT, DO AS I DID,

                                  TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH AND JUST DO IT.

Cheers Ray Luckner

Garry Sandy

Dear Chris and Brian

I would like to thank you both for my week of training I recently completed in Adelaide.  I found the training with Chris, Brad and Brian most enjoyable and their hands on approach very effective.  I would have no hesitation in recommending a Spray Pave Australia franchise to any interested person.

 I have enclosed advert for silver city spray pave out of the local paper for your information

 Regards  Garry Sandy

Edward Brown

Arrived in Adelaide for training course.  1st Day was 14th May 9am. Introduction with Brian, Chris and Brad.  Over the three day training program I found interesting and more eager to get started.

Brian, Chris and Brad the time I’ve spent with them through their training was a warm feeling as if I’ve known them, for years as mates.  The training was understanding and interesting. 

Thank you  very much for everything you won’t here the last of me. 

P.S. Things will only get better  Edward Brown 

Ernst and Cherie

To whom it may concern

Just a quick note from down under to thank Spray Pave Australia for sharing some of their knowledge with the Kiwi’s. 

Chris, Brad and Brian covered all topics in training and we now have some great ideas for our business. 

Brad covered the practical side of the business, and good information was provided on all aspects of the business.  We really enjoyed the hands on training and seeing results so quickly. 

Chris took us around Adelaide and showed us some of the many jobs that Spray Pave Australia had completed. 

We both had a wonderful  time with the team at Spray Pave Australia.  Well done, and thank you for all your support. 

Ernst and Cherie.  New Zealand

James Kumar

I had very little knowledge about Spray on paving three days ago.  Today I am going home with enough knowledge to start spray paving on my own.  The three days training provided was very intensive.  I learnt how to use most of equipments ie Jet Wave, compressor, Hopper gun etc etc and the paving concept.  My trainers were very supportive and helpful.  Chris, Brain and Brad, thanks very much for everything. 

I have got a couple of jobs lined up.  Hopefully I should be able to do OK but if I am stuck you will hear from me. 

James Kumar

Mike Avis

To Chris and Brian 

I arrived from Auckland to do this Spray Paving course.  Both Chris and Brian are very knowledgeable about this product.  The theory and practical course were very good and I feel very confident about what I have learned and I feel the business can work. 

Thanks  Mike Avis  New Zealand

Renesh Manjal

Came to training at Spray Pave in Adelaide.  It was simply brilliant.  I thought initially that it would be very formal, but was very surprised at the relaxed nature of training. 

Chris is very knowledgeable and very easy going.  He trains on the exactly what you need to know.  His past experiences has obviously taught him a lot and he very happily passes on the knowledge. 

Chris with vast experiences also informs and warns of the dangers and tips of the business.  And both together make it a very enjoyable experience and very informative. 

I had a lot of fun and learned a lot as well. 

Renesh Manjal

Sid Kneebone

Initially I thought the Spray-on-paving industry looked interesting but wasn’t sure about how much work would be available in the market place.  After 4-6 weeks of research and business planning I now have leads generated for quotes on about 500 sq mts of work after I have completed the training.  I haven’t advertised, just talked to a few people and it seems that everyone is interested in getting something done.  There is definitely a good market to tap into and keep in mind I have just under 24,000 people in my town.  I can’t image what it would be like in a bigger place. 

The training was fun and the work fairly easy if you’re prepared to pay a bit of attention to details.  The transformation you can make to a bit of drab grey concrete is amazing and I sure my customers will be very happy with the end results because I know I was, with what we did at the training course.  I will admit to being a bit nervous about going out into the market now but know I can get help and advice with a single phone call so am excited at the same time.  The future for our business does indeed look good.

The tools supplied are all excellent quality and the prices seem to be quite good.  I feel happy about recommending Spray Pave Australia to anyone interested in the industry. 

Sid Kneebone   

Domenic Paterrion

As usual with all new ventures I approached getting involved with some apprehension.  I did my research and was confident that this was something that I could enjoy. 

The training was great as it was all hands on at the Spray Pave premises in Adelaide.  Many thinks to Brad who did the practical instructions. 

Many thanks to Brian and Chris who made me feel welcome and were able to help me with advice on equipment etc. My time in Adelaide was both enjoyable and educational.

 Domenic Paterrion

Steve Nagy

The 3 day training course covered all aspects of spray paving and trade secrets that were quite surprising.  The product was unbelievably versatile and easy to apply whilst giving the customer a prestige finish which they perceived as a highly specialised application.  In fact with Brian and Chris’ instruction the process was shown to be incredibly easy and simple if you know how! 

It’s this principle that I believe makes spray paving so profitable and a great lifestyle change.  I left the course fully confident and ready for my first job.  Thanks Chris for the friendly and educational low pressure training environment.  It definitely changed my life!! 

Steve Nagy

Joe Grosser

Dear Chris, 

I was very nervous after paying my deposit, was not too sure if I made the right decision, was I ready to leave a day to day job and go into the business for myself. 

The closer it came to the training date the more and more confident I became, especially after talking to a few of the other franchisee’s. 

After attending the training and having the hands on experience my fears were eased. Spray Paving is easy and uncomplicated, I wish I had known about this years ago.  

You were fantastic and very informative. I am sure my wife and I will succeed in our new Business.  

Thank you  Joe Grosser  Pls excuse my spelling mistakes and punctuation

Judy Grosser

To whom it may concern 

The three day training programme was very informative, and I loved the relaxed atmosphere, as I concentrate a lot better this way.  Thank you Chris and Brian.  We are not leaving here as professionals, but we do feel confident that we are well equipped in the process of work, and business management to make a success of what we have enjoyed taking on.

Thank you again  Regards  Judy Grosser   Ps  We also have your phone numbers!

Dean Dempsey

To whom it may concern

Just a short note to thank you for your assistance for incorporating spray paving into my existing business.  On that point, my existing business was struggling, with many customer complaints, but I kept going because the profits are fantastic.  After all the great advise from Chris and his staff, I have plenty of work and no more complaints. After running an advertisement in the Sunday Mail, I have eight jobs lines up. Equating to approximately two months’ work.

The video and other promotional material you supplied has made selling the product and service very easy. If anybody enquires about buying a Franchise I would recommend going with Spray Pave Australia.

You’re faithfully. Dean Dempsey

Michael Siga

I found the training to be very informative although I will need to practice the actually mixing again. The hands on side of the training is excellent, especially when you get in and do the work yourself. Nothing beats actually getting your hands on the equipment, doing the taping and applying the product.  Chris, Brian and Brad are very knowledgeable and helpful and seem to be good genuine blokes. My thoughts on the industry initially were positive, although I knew that some Franchisors were not totally ethical. Spray Pave Australia are ethical and I’m happy to be part of the team.

Cheers from  Michael Siga  New Zealand 

Tony Sores

From what I found in the training side, it was worth coming from Sydney and learning the right way and the wrong way and the 8 stage cleaning. The theory side I think it needed more information and more help on advertising and living in NSW. But I am happy in coming from Sydney and doing the training but not the driving. I found Chris & Brian very helpful and Brad in understanding the product and the custom work worth doing and on that note I can’t wait to go back to Sydney and start spraying.

From Tony  Sores 

Peter Simpson

From my first contact with Brian I found a professional attitude towards both the business and me personally. The time taken to sort out a training date to a completion of training was much quicker than I had expected. Upon arrival from a long journey from Sydney NSW. I was made to feel welcome. Upon our first training day when all you want to do is get into the application. Brian firstly outlined the business in general and background of both Chris and Brian which makes for satisfaction in knowing you are dealing with professionals. I found the hands on training very through with no stone unturned. Our trainer (Brad) I found to be very helpful and answered all questions without hesitation. Knowing he is there for assistance gives me peace of mind if anything goes wrong. Well done guys, thanks for the opportunity. 

Regards Peter Simpson

Luke Ottens

To whom it may concern

Going into the training course I was still unsure whether I had made the right decision, however after the 3 day course a lot of my doubts were cleared up and questions answered.

Brain and Brad were very helpful and knowledgeable and answered all questions. The hands on training really covered all of the application well and I feel as if I’m ready to start for myself.

Luke Ottens

Wayne Blisk

I thought the training programme was very enjoyable. Nobody tried to paint too rosy a picture of the product of work potential.  Brian confirmed some of my own ideas about marketing and gave me some new ones I had not even considered. The relaxed way the training is handled makes learning much easier. Hands on training with Brad was first class, nothing beats actually doing it yourself. Although I am still nervous about starting my own business, I feel more confident after Spray Paves training programme.  

Regards Wayne Blisk 

Chris Mansfield

As a new Spray Pave Franchisee and new to the industry, I found the training very comprehensive, but in plain English, easy to understand and Brads knowledge of the Spray Paving and how to deal with customers was fantastic.  The information I received from Brain and Chris will certainly help me become a successful and very profitable business and I thank them very much.

Chris Mansfield